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Ayesha Curry displayed the impressive 35 lb. weight loss she achieved while in quarantine in a new photo spread for Shape Magazine! She also opened up about her ‘par­ents experiencing’ the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s easy to see what Ayesha Curry has been up to in quarantine. As if juggling a career and being a full-time mom to her three beautiful children — Riley Elizabeth Curry, 8, Ryan Carson Curry, 5, and Canon W. Jack Curry, 2 — all of whom she shares with husband Stephen Curry, 32, the cookbook author, 31, has been putting her mental, emotional, and physical health first. Ayesha posed on the cover of Shape Magazine‘s September issue and showed off the results of her hard work.

ayesha curry
Ayesha Curry poses for a spread in Shape Magazine’s September 2020 issue [Erez Sabag].

Throughout the photo series, Ayesha looked completely angelic. She posed in a stunning, cream-colored net dress with a plunging neckline and looked totally at ease in another photo where she crossed her legs and gazed at the camera with her gorgeous, piercing eyes while sporting a crop top and black short shorts. Finally the cover of the September issue put Ayesha’s impressive 35 lb. weight loss on full display, as she posed-up in front of a wall while showing off her strong abs, and built legs and arms.

ayesha curry
Ayesha Curry poses for a spread in Shape Magazine’s September 2020 issue [Erez Sabag].

But while Ayesha’s beauty was hard to deny, her passion for the Black Lives Matter movement completely came through in her profile. The mother-of-three, who has been using her platform to highlight Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd

in May, opened up about the feelings she’s experience in the last few months. “I go through so many emotions. Sometimes I want to cry. Some­times, seeing people from all walks of life stand up for justice and fight for what’s right, makes me feel like, ‘Wow, people are inherently good, and the universe is giving us an opportunity to weed out the bad,’” she told the outlet.

ayesha curry
Ayesha Curry poses for the cover of Shape Magazine’s September 2020 issue [Eerz Sabag].

Ayesha also got candid about how she thinks “about my par­ents experiencing this, and their parents experiencing this, and I’m like, I don’t want my children to have to experience this. There’s this intense and innate need to make sure we see it through, so this doesn’t continue,” she shared. “With Black Lives Mat­ter, our oldest is asking questions, and we don’t tiptoe around the answers. That is allowing us to raise really strong, independent, mindful children.”

Speaking of her children, Ayesha has been getting in a lot of time with her and Steph’s brood. She’s posted a slew of images with her three kiddos, which fans have fawned over time and again. Between her inspiring words and infectious approach to her health and activism, we cannot wait to see how Ayesha continues to use her platform.

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