Superface Eye Makeup Remover Pen Smudge Free NG Corrector Stick Eyeliner Fixer for Instant Touch Up – Portable Make Up Eraser with Honey Extract for Sensitive Skin, Moisturizing Lip Balm Cuticle Balm

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Product Description


Superface is more than just makeup on your face. Created by award-winning commercial directors Larry Shiu and Jung Son in Hong Kong in 2014, Superface envisions its future as a brand that transforms a woman into a camera-ready movie star by sharing studio makeup secrets. With Superface’s spotlight formula, you will shine before the camera! Now, show your most confident, beautiful self!

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Superface NG Corrector

FORMULA FACTS 10 FREE Safe & Natural Ingredients

Paraben freeNatural and Non-toxicNot animal testedGluten freePhthalates freeSulfates freeSynthetic Fragrance freeFormaldehyde freeHydroquinone freeTriclosan free

NG Corrector : No Trace of Mistakes!

All Natural Ingredients!

Easy, fast and effective way to eliminate eyeliner mishaps, lipstick smudge, makeup flubs, and other makeup mistakes. The gentle and non-greasy formula erases even waterproof makeup after extended wear for flawless touch-ups. This makeup correcting remover stick will definitely lighten your purse while keeping you efficient!


1. Gently rub stray makeup with the tip of the NG Corrector.

2. Wipe and swab with the corrector stick or cotton swabs.

3. May also safely use as a lip balm

Gentle, non-irritating, paraben-free, gluten-free Korean beauty product that is not animal tested

Carefully chosen natural ingredients to support your skin’s health

Key Features

Long Lasting Remover Stick

Twist it like a lip stick and apply it whenever time in need. It never dries up and go a long way!

Honey & Olive oil extract

Enriched with honey and olive oil extract, this helps nourish skin while minimizing skin sensitivity and create barrier to keep skin moisturized

Fast & Easy Makeup

NO MORE OOPS! Erase messy eye, eyebrow, or lip makeup mishaps with a single swipe.

Double Action: Lip Balm & Cuticle Oil

Extra nourishing and moisturizing! Also use as a lip balm to keep your lips moisturized as well as cuticle oil.

All Natural Ingredients

Developed from commercial broadcasting to help all women shine, our cosmetics are luxurious, high-performance, and made from pure, natural ingredients. Rest assured none of them are ever tested on animals!

Easy-to-carry for Travel

This travel size remover stick fits in any purse nicely, so it’s convenient to carry everywhere.

Non-sticky Formula

Extra smooth formula made with honey and olive oil won’t leave you feeling sticky or greasy.

Easier Eye Makeup Removal

This nifty little stick makes the eye makeup removal process faster. Make sure to erase makeup thoroughly with this pen type stick so that there’s no residue which can harm your near eye skin.


All skin types

All skin types

All skin types

All skin types

All skin types

All skin types


Complete your look

Correct color and tone for red and blemished skin to reveal a clear and balanced complexion

Hydrate and nourish your face and use as primer and fixer before and after makeup

Cushion foundation for overall coverage supported by mesh netting

Apply multi lightful stick for blush, bronzer, lip color and highlights on your cheeks, eyelids and lips

Effortlessly remove your makeup mishaps with makeup eraser stick and use as a lip balm

Gently remove impurities with nourishing water-soluble capsules that give vitality to dull skin

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✅[QUICK AND EASY] Touch up your mistakes easily with this makeup remover pen. Even works on waterproof cosmetics to remove “raccoon” eyes. It only wipes off the eyeliner you want so no need to redo your basic makeup. Just re-apply!
✅[TRAVEL SIZE REMOVER] This makeup eraser pen fits in a purse so you can carry it anywhere to neaten those annoying eye makeup smudges. No need to carry swabs, cotton balls, face wipes or different brands of cleansing oil.
✅[NATURAL INGREDIENTS] A botanical blend of olive and honey moisturizes and nourishes your skin immediately. Paraben-free, no animal testing, gluten free Korean beauty product.
✅[DOUBLE ACTION AS BALM] : Non-stick gentle olive formula calms your dry, chapped lips. Apply under eyes or to skin around your mouth to maintain moisture. Massage it into your cuticles to calm the skin around them.