‘It Shook The Whole Building,’ Car Slams Into South Boston Pizza Shop – CBS Boston

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SOUTH BOSTON (CBS) – Six people were forced out of their homes overnight after a car slammed into a restaurant in South Boston.

The car crashed into the side of McGoo’s Pizzeria on West Broadway and Dorchester Street around 1 a.m. Friday immediately waking up everyone in the apartments above.

“My bedroom is on the third floor and it shook the whole building and I just heard people screaming and pulling someone out to the side,” resident Deanna Mujezinovich told WBZ-TV. “And that’s when I heard the fire alarms go off and the smell of smoke coming up.”

The driver was pulled out of the car and rushed to the hospital.

The apartments were evacuated but residents had to go out the back because the front was blocked by the car. Firefighters were able to stabilize the building.

“They set up a couple of temporary columns, we searched the building and made sure everybody was accounted for,” said Deputy Fire Chief James Greene.

“People drive by here and speed every single day so definitely, I always felt this would happen someday,” Mujezinovich said.

None of the residents were hurt.

It’s still not clear what caused the crash and there’s no word yet on the condition of the driver.

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