Elevate the Beauty Eyebrow Lamination Kit | At Home DIY Perm For Your Brows | Instant Professional Lift For Fuller Eyebrows | Brow Brush And Micro Brushes Included

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🔷What exactly it is?
Embraced by celebrities, eyebrow lamination process is an instant brow lift without Botox or surgery. It is a new beauty trick that originated from Russia, quickly gained popularity in the UK and now making its way to the US. It is designed to retrain the direction of your brow hair and give you fuller and more defined eyebrows.
🔷Who is it for
The lamination procedure is suitable for all hair types – there is no reason it would not work for You. It is perfect for thick, messy, coarse or downward growing eyebrows and also great for those who are happy with their brows and just looking to add volume and shininess, as it makes the brow area appear larger, fuller and a bit glossier.
🔷How it works?
After cleaning your eyebrows with CLEANSER, straightening solution (LIFT) is applied to the eyebrows followed by a setting solution (FIXATION) and the desired shaping of the brows. It is finished off by applying NUTRITION which nourishes and stimulates your brows. The 40 minute procedure extends the brow to half the width, adding beautiful, smooth dimension and shininess.
🔷It is easy!
The procedure is easy, safe and less invasive than micro-blading. For those who have naturally overgrown brows it is recommended to wax or shape them prior to lamination procedure. There is no preparation other than that.
🔷After procedure care
For 24 hours:
– Don’t get your eyebrows wet;
– Don’t use harsh products or oil-based makeup removers;
– Don’t take a steamy, hot shower;
– Don’t apply eyebrow makeup;
– Don’t sleep face down.
❗️IMPORTANT. If you have sensitive skin or prone to reactions consider twice before using any products containing perm. It is recommended you always do a patch test prior to main procedure. Instructions of a patch test can be found in product pictures.
🔵 BROW LAMINATION IS A NEW BEAUTY TRICK DESIGNED TO RETRAIN the direction and shape of your eyebrows – make them look longer and bushier.
🔵 SAVE TIME AND MONEY. Beauty salons usually charge from 80$ to 160$ for a single brow lamination session. Using ELEVATE THE BEAUTY EYEBROW LAMINATION KIT you will save money – you can use the kit for up to 8 times.
🔵 PROFESSIONAL LAMINATION EFFECT LASTING 6 WEEKS. Perfect for people with messy eyebrows as well as for those who have thin eye brows. Enjoy thicker brow effect lasting at least 6 weeks.
🔵 DIY AT HOME | EASY AND SAVE. 4 steps solution for perfect brows. Less invasive than microblading with more natural effect.

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