ATTCL Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses Eyeglasses Frame Anti Blue Ray Computer Game Glasses

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Product Description


ATTCL blue light blocking glasses,we want to be your truly eyes protector.

ATTCL obsessed with using design and innovation to create the products people truly like.

Reduce sensitivity to light

Preventing headaches



Why should you choose ATTCL Blue Light Glasses?







What Is Bule-ray?

In the light source of electronic devices such as mobile phones,TV,Game machine, LEDs, fluorescent lamps, etc., visible light with a blue light band between 445 and 475 nanometers has the greatest damage to human eyes, and is called “high-energy short-wave blue light”.

Hazards of Blue Light!

Injury the structure of macular,will cause eye strain and blurred vision, more seriously,will leading to macular degeneration lesions, decreased vision, and even blindness.

After a test,ATTCL blue light blocking glasses lenses can effectively reduce Blu-ray damage.

ATTCL Blue Light Glasses Help You!

Anti-blue light lenses.

Alloy metal frame.

Blue light blocking glasses.

ATTCL glasses passed US FDA and EU CE test.

You Need A Pair of Anti-blue light Glasses!!!


Hong Kong
metal frame
Composite lens
Lens width: 54 millimeters
Lens height: 45 millimeters

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